Milo™ Mileage Logger
Automated solution for tax compliant mileage logs and vehicle reimbursement plans
Milo™ GPS MIleage Logger is the simplest Plug-and-Drive solution that generates an accurate and complete Mileage Log while you drive. Milo™ Intelligent Log identifies each trip with its destination address and mileage, separates Business from Commute and Personal trips, and identifies the purpose of business trips.

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Mileage Logger for IndividualsMileage Logger for Individuals

Get your full vehicle expense deduction without the hassle with Milo™ GPS Mileage Logger. more...

Mileage Logger for Company FleetsMileage Logger for Company Fleets

Streamline Fleet mileage/stop reports, and improve team productivity with Milo™'s simple and cost effective service. more...

Mileage Logger for Employee ReimburesementMileage Logger for Employee Reimburesement

Streamline vehicle mileage reimbursement to ensure fair and accurate compensation and reduced reporting effort. more...

Mileage Reporting for AccountantsMileage Reporting for Accountants

Simple and free service for accountants to educate clients and streamline their mileage log reports more...

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Mileage Logging – The Right Way

If you want to claim your vehicle expenses with confidence and avoid a tax audit – Milo GPS Mileage Logger is here to help. No more, searching for the paper log in your glove compartment. No more, forgetting to write down each trip’s mileage, destination, and purpose. Milo™ GPS Mileage Logger does it all for you – each day.

Milo GPS Mileage Logger is:

  • Accurate and Complete – Milo GPS tracks every trip distance as you drive
  • Tax Compliant – Milo Intelligent Log technology automatically separates Business from Personal and Commute trips, records each destination address, and identifies business trip purpose
  • Affordable – Milo unique design does not require a data plan and is therefore a very inexpensive way to keep a mileage log
  • Provides Business Intelligence Information – Milo Intelligent Log technology automatically organizes trips into their appropriate types and knows which stops to ignore