Free Mileage Logbook Templates

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Free Mileage Logbook Excel Template
Free Mileage Logbook Excel Template

We encourage you to keep track of your mileage in any way you find most convenient. To help you get started, we include a free car mileage logbook template. You can print the PDF or use the Excel form.

How to Log mileage using a car mileage logbook template:

  1. At the beginning of the year – record the starting odometer reading
  2. For each business trip:
    1. Record the odometer reading before you start driving.
    2. Record the odometer reading when you reach your destination
    3. Record the distance traveled (the difference between the two odometer
    4. Record the destination address
    5. Record the business purpose of the trip (ex. – customer meeting)
  3. At the end of the year – record the ending odometer reading
  4. To calculate the percentage of business driving
    1. Add all your business trips mileage
    2. Divide by odometer reading difference for the year
    3. Multiply by 100

Simple guidelines for tracking mileage

  • Driving between your home and your office is usually not considered a business trip – unless you work primarily from a home office
  • You must record your trips in your car mileage logbook within a reasonable time of the actual event – not at the end of the year
  • Your records must be accurate and complete – you cannot guess or estimate

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